Dogwoods Kitchen & Bar

Casual American Cuisine

About Us

Dogwoods Kitchen and Bar is inspired by Chef Gonzalez who has always had a love for food and community.

Chef Gonzalez’s grandma taught him the importance of fresh ingredients and about cooking and enjoying meals with loved ones. Food was the center of everything they did. She had a true love for nature, her house was full of beautiful flowers, herbs, fruit trees and Dogwoods trees.

Grandma loved feeding everyone, as this was her way to show love. She would always say the Dogwood tree was the most amazing tree, since it provided food and safety to many living creatures. She taught him to see the Dogwood as a symbol of shelter, gatherings and a place where many can come and enjoy a meal.

Chef Gonzalez’s first job was as a dishwasher and soon moved up to cooking and preparing various dishes. He worked with many skilled chefs along the way, and was finally given the opportunity to be a chef himself at a local, popular restaurant. He credits his success to the hard work and rigorous training & mentorship he had at several concepts throughout the years.

When he discovered this location; that he’s been dreaming about came available, he knew this was his chance! He could finally bring his grandma’s teachings to the community. He picked up the phone and called a long time friend and proposed the idea of Dogwoods Kitchen and Bar and the partnership was born.